How payment via messengers looks like?

Click. Pay2019 ends up with the following digital trends and how technology disrupts every aspect of the business is pure example of how another decade should be nicely closed.

There are certain things which are naturally ours and would never change. That's what we thought.

Yard games. Cash. Phone calls.


Yard games back in 1990s

What happens in the world, is basically we gave up any physical activity which belongs to the daily needs in order to save our time for ourselves and spend it with the beloved ones. Almost gave up.

This trend did not evolve in 2019 or 2015, this is basically how we were all the time. We moved from horse to car, from car to train and from train to airplane. Some are flying even to the Mars, hell knows why.

This all is great to hear and know, but when you finish reading this and close up your laptop, you are going to Bank. Physically. You stay in the line. It is ridiculous that at once you can chat with your friends 3000 km away, but for the cash loan you take a line and keep questioning yourself if it is your last bank visit or not.

It took 10 years for both mobile devices and internet to make people closer from any part of the world, but Bank in the opposite street of your building still behaves like it is 1950s.

What I do in 2019 is: chat, click, swipe, view, read and pay.
Twitter - type, Tinder - swipe, Facebook - scroll, YouTube - view, E-book - read.
Bankoff - pay.

There are numerous type of scientific phrases, but in fact - Bankoff - is when banking aligned to your habits and needs, rather than how it is right now.

Click. Pay.

June 14, 2021
Murad Zamanov