Gift Cards made easy

top-up and send

Visa Gift Cards

for any occasion in seconds right from WhatsApp

Just reach Bankoff WhatsApp account to create Visa Bankoff Gift card
Add balance to Visa Gift card with your debit or credit card
Simply add your message and let us send your gift through email or WhatsApp

Let them use it as they want . Let them pay fast with contactless

Apple Pay

Add to Apple Wallet.

Enjoy NFC payments around the world
Google Pay

Add to Google Pay.

Enjoy NFC payments all around the world
Samsung Pay

Add to Samsung Pay.

Enjoy NFC payments all around the world
Pay Pal

Add to Pay Pal.

Use in more than 150 countries
+30¢ for transaction
* No fees until they spend 100$
+30¢ to top-up a gift card
* local tax & fees are not included
For multi-currency payments
* gift card comes in USD
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"This looks really useful, sharing with our whole team"

Erir Perry
Bankoff Card Owner

"It is pretty amazing to see nearly 90% process happens on WhatsApp"

Adithya Shreshti
Bankoff Card Owner
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